Advania expands its operations to Finland

Kirjoittanut Jari Jalonen 9.1.2019 8:55

Nordic IT service provider Advania has acquired a Finnish company Vintor that offers specialized digital customer engagement solutions. The acquisition strengthens Advania‘s presence in the Nordics and marks the company‘s entry into the Finnish market.


Sami Grönberg

Vintor's CEO Sami Grönberg


Vintor employs 20 information and communication technology professionals. The company provides services to Finnish and international customers in 25 countries.

For Advania, this acquisition marks the beginning of operations in Finland. The company seeks further growth by offering a range of IT services and solutions in the Finnish market.

Vintor provides a variety of digital customer engagement solutions that enable companies to interact efficiently with numerous end-users such as customers, employees and partners. The solutions give users oversight of communications through a variety of mediums like social media, web chat and e-mail.

The acquisition broadens Advania‘s product offering in the field of customer service solutions.

"By acquiring Vintor we are taking our first steps into the Finnish market and thereby laying foundation for further growth in this region. Our operations now extend to all Nordic countries. Vintor‘s specialized operations further strengthen Advania," says Mikael Noaksson, COO of Advania.


Mikael Noaksson

Advania's COO Mikael Noaksson

"We see enormous opportunities in merging with Advania. Vintor will benefit from Advania‘s size and strength in the ever-hardening competitive environment in digital customer engagement solutions. We look forward to becoming a part of a strong entity that offers a broad range of IT services", says Sami Grönberg, CEO of Vintor.



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