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On April 1st the Finnish IT & Digital Service provider Vintor will formally become Advania Finland. Changing the company identity and name is the final step in integrating Vintor into Advania Group, which acquired all Vintor Oy shares in early January.  Advania Finlands will extend its predecessors offering with a new IT service approach, platforms, cloud solutions and support to the Finnish market.

Advania is a leading Nordic IT-provider, serving thousands of corporate clients in the public and private sector. Advania employs over 1,200 people and offers services to customers in Scandinavia and over 30 other countries.

Vintor has a strong reputation and good market position, as a provider of Communication and Contact Center Solutions. The company has worked with leading technology providers such as Cisco, Microsoft, Zylinc and Genesys. From now on the legacy service offering will be complemented by the provision of extended services, software and hardware from Advania Group. Advania Finland will provide high-level expertise in Data Networks, Business Solutions and IT Services. Advania works closely with cutting-edge technology providers and has a partnership agreement with Cisco, Microsoft, ServiceNow and Atlassian.

Mikael Noaksson, COO of Advania Group:

"We are delighted to finally bring Advania to Finland and enlarge our Nordic footprint. We truly believe that Finnish businesses can benefit from our service approach and plan to punch above our weight in a competitive market. We will help our clients to simplify their IT-infrastructure, enhance functionality and reduce costs. That's the Advania way, to create value for clients by spotting opportunities for clever and strategic use of IT, finding the right solution for each client and fitting it perfectly to the client’s needs."

More information:

Sami Grönberg, CEO Advania Finland


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